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Some useful local articles for Mountain Biking around Cumbria.

Cycling Knee Problems
Knee Pain, Knee Injuries and Iliotibial Band Syndrome - A Guide to the Treatment and Prevention of Knee Injuries and Iliotibial Band Syndrome!.. Read the full article!

Car Safety
Here are a few dangers I see while I am on my bike or on foot and I am sure you see them too! The thing you need to do is stick to the law and highway code and you will be fine! All of the text below was taken from The Highway Code and are some of the common problems I see on the roads. Please read so your aware... Read the full article!

The Country Code & Off Road Code
From a gentle stroll or relaxing picnic to a long-distance walk or heart-pumping adventure, the countryside provides every opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation. If you follow the Countryside Code wherever you go, you'll get the best enjoyment possible and you'll help to protect the countryside now and for future generations... Read the full article!

Tourist Information Centres
Note: The listing on this page might be inaccurate as it has not been updated for a while... Read the full article!

The National Trust - Low Wray: FAQs
Where are some good mountain bike routes? Low Wray is an excellent base if you wish to go mountain biking. There are some excellent tracks over Claife Heights and nearby Grizedale Forest which are accessible from the campsite. Check out www.mountain-bike-cumbria.co.uk for some good routes and the Lake District National Park Authority for some sound mountain biking advice... Read the full article!

Lake District Mountain Biking - Guide Book - £15.95 including P&P
The latest in the best-selling VG guidebook series, Lake District Mountain Biking is a new, compact, comprehensive guide to the best riding in the English Lake District. It contains 27 routes between 12 and 60km long. These routes, put together by Chris Gore and Richard Staton, are again plotted on Harvey Maps and illustrated with photography by Andy Heading... Read the full article!

Camping in the UK - England
While you are roughing it as a student at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, you may as well rough it somewhere other than Carlisle, so why not go on a camping trip. Join Marika Bingham as she gives you the guide to some of the best sites in the UK at the cheapest of prices... Read the full article!

Get on your bike marra!
Cycling through the park, the wind rushing over me and my legs working hard to push me faster and faster over the bumpy path, it amazes me to see not one other bike gliding past the trees and shrubs... Read the full article!

Cycling from the Guardian
Since I (Ros Taylor) last wrote about cycling a year ago, there has been a minor revolution in the range and quality of sites dedicated to giving advice and suggesting routes. So this week's column concentrates on the UK, with Europe and the rest of the world to follow... Read the full article!

Mapping of Cumbria
If you are going to go out riding in the vast wilderness of Cumbria, you are going to need a map! Here I will discuss the advantages of paper, offline and online mapping solutions... Read the full article!

Mountain Biking up and over Garburn Pass
Garburn Pass is one of the well known climbs in the Kentmere area. It can be approached from either the Kentmere or Troutbeck side. Each side has it's own character, so if you went up one way it would feel fairly different from the other direction. Location map, please open in a new window... Read the full article!

Crumpler Bags
If your going out on an adventure with your camera you will need a good camera bag to avoid damage and so the camera is stored correctly. Over the past year I have used 2 Crumpler Camera Bags and there doing there job perfectly!.. Read the full article!

Mountain Biking around the Kendal Area
Kendal is the largest town in South Lakeland, just outside of the Lake District, but still remains a popular tourist destination because of the Windermere to Oxenholme railway link and of course the Kendal Mint Cake (see Did you know?)... Read the full article!

Mountain Biking around Staveley and Kentmere Area
Staveley is the entrance to the mecca of mountain biking in the Lake District. Hosting the cycle store Wheelbase for your bikes, accessories and maintenance. Also within the vecinity of Wheelbase is the popular Wilfs café where you can get Wilfs Rare Bit or a very tasty Veggie Burger, they also have Speciality Nights which specialise in tastes from around the globe... Read the full article!

GMBC 2008 Highlights
I wasn't photographing officially this time around, but decided to get out on the trails and get some great photos of the rides. All the photography I took can be viewed on Flickr (new window)... Read the full article!