Editor - James an 'off the ground' type of guy.

Creator, Designer and Editor of www.mountain-bike-cumbria.co.uk - Version 9

About the Editor

Why did I create www.mountain-bike-cumbria.co.uk?
Years ago I was interested in web design and riding bikes, but also I lived Cumbria which helped a little. So eight'ish years ago (2000) I started Mountain Bike Cumbria for anyone interested in Mountain Biking in Cumbria to be able to find out more about the riding around here.

"It's personally orientated for myself, but provides information and photography for other mountain bikers to use" - James 2004

What do I love about Mountain Biking?
I love it because you can visit many different locations around the uk/world and explore fantastic places! I can be found riding down or even up challenging slopes and obstacles .. this is my riding style! I also love the long, flowing, smooth singletrack! (With added jumps/obstacles of course!) ... "Ride with finesse and superlative skill"!

The Marin, Fire TrailHis Current Bikes

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert
I wanted some softness as the Marin for some trails is very rigid! 120mm either side means I can go faster up and down the hills of cumbria!

The Marin, Fire Trail
Serious racing, requires a seriously lighter bike! And as my Orange is build for the extremes of XC. I decided to buy a Marin, Indian Fire Trail for serious competitions and riding longer distances faster. I have had to upgrade most of the components as they did not last long or I wanted better. The frame, forks, wheels and a few other bits are the only that have not changed yet.

His Previous Bikes

The DMR Trailstar! which frame replaced the Orange Sub Zero
Spec: Fox Vanilla 130mm; Hope M4s; IRC 2.5; XT HollowTech II; 1.5inch headset. With my 'off the ground' riding style, it has given me the rider name of "Jumpy" as I am usually see riding sections of the trail 'off the ground'! "Jumpy" is engraved onto the Hope leavers, by Hope themselves, how cool is that!

Orange Sub Zero
Near enough the Bat Bike, it would ride over anything and wasn't scared! It was designed for BIG and it rode very well, especially with IRC 2.5 tyres on!

The Norco
Once I rode a Norco trials bike, but no longer as i am concentrating on riding sweet trails. My best climbing height is 90cm and drop off height is 7ft, but I can do many other tricks too! Since my Orange is set up for the extremes I can still use this to a point for trials, but it is to heavy for serious trials.

The Nishiki Alien
Now just a frame and forks ... this was one of my many trusty steeds from the good old days is now just hanging around as I found it such a cool frame. Due to the frame being aluminium, things like bent drop-outs can not be replaced so easily and a new bottom bracket housing just does not look the same! p.s. I am not selling it!

Other bikes I have had: Kona Fire Mountain, Specialized Rock Hopper, Cove Handjob, Cove Stiffee, Planet X Jumping Jack Flash ... I think that is it!

Top Racing Results:

Mint Cake MTB Winter Trailquest League, 2004/2005. I came 7th in class A.
With a total number of 321 points. After attending 5 trailquests.

Grizedale Mountain Bike Challenge, 2004. I came 40th.
Out of 248 people in 3:38:29. My number was 125.

Grizedale Mountain Bike Challenge, 2003. I came 74th.
Out of 200 people. Unfortunately I do not have the results so I can not tell you more. Unless you have them and would send me them?