The Future is Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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H-racerThe H-racer is a futuristic toy car that contains one of the most exciting and advanced technologies of the 21st century. This car operates on 100% clean fuel produced by a miniature solar-powered hydrogen refuelling station that converts water to hydrogen using energy captured from the sun.

Cars running on clean and renewable fuel are the dream of many of today’s world leaders, engineers and scientists seeking to eliminate mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels in favour of climate- friendly energy resources.

With new advances in technology, hydrogen is on its way to becoming the world's next fuel. Hydrogen offers many important advantages: it is non-toxic,renewable, clean to use, and the most abundant element in our universe. And by using fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen to electricity without any combustion, the technology is a significant solution to many of our global energy and environmental problems.

No combustion occurs inside a fuel cell. The only exhaust resulting from hydrogen fuel cell cars is pure water. Fuel cell cars that use hydrogen as a fuel are also known as "zero emission vehicles". Today, many of the world's automotive companies including Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, and Daimler- Chrysler, are developing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with the hope of introducing this technology to the public in the near future.

The H-racer is the working miniature version of what is being developed in real-size cars of the future. This palm-size fuel cell car contains an on-board hydrogen storage tank, a fuel cell system connected to the car’s electric motor, and a hydrogen refuelling system linking the car's storage tank to an external hydrogen refuelling station. Given it's small size, the H-racer is also very safe as only tiny quantities of hydrogen are sufficient to power the car.

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