SLDC Plastic Recycling

I have seen in the Kendal Tip, ASDA and more places, a container for plastic bottles to things are on the up! James

This is a page from the South Lakeland District Council

Unfortunately there is currently no scheme available to recycle household plastic in South Lakeland. This is due to the logistics and costs of collection in this area as there are no local companies recycling plastic. However, we continue to review the opportunities to introduce plastic collections as new possibilities may arise.

We are very much aware that, plastic recycling is high on the public agenda and we will strive to find an economical and sustainable solution. On a more positive note, things are changing and the Government have assisted in financing an environment body called WRAP (Waste Resources Action Plan). Their remit is to promote plastic recycling by raising the demand for recycled products, to ensure there is sufficient reprocessing capacity, so that we are not exporting our valuable resources, and assist in the infrastructure of efficient collections for materials.

There are countries such as Ireland who have introduced a tax on plastic carrier bags. This type of policy is made at a national level, introducing such taxes would help to combat the mountains of plastic packaging we're faced with when shopping.

How can we reduce the amount of plastic we use?

  • Step 1: Look how things are packaged when shopping, if the product is available in glass packaging, choose this as an alternative.
  • Step 2: Try to avoid buying Milk Cartons.  Make full use of your local milkman (though some areas may not have the service available).
  • Step 4: Say "No" to carrier bags, "Buy a Bag for Life".

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