Knipe Fold, Skelwith Bridge

Trail submitted by James Kirby

Riding around Knipe FoldThis is only a link trail but is fun, that is why I have mentioned it on here! If you are in this area then this makes for a great addition to any route!


Off-road, Single Track in places, with some technical bits!


Find Knipe Fold on a map or use

  1. When you are at Knipe Fold, you need to go on to the bridleway to the north east.;
  2. Once you have gone up the trail for 3/4 km, there will be a gate on the RIGHT, which goes into a wooded area.
  3. When you are though the woods there is another gate, you can now ride 1 3/4 km of single track, until you get to the A593.
  4. All you have to do is turn right, which takes you down a nice fast hill, to Skelwith Bridge.
  5. Unless you are wanting to continue your ride then I can suggest another great trail in this area...
  6. Details of this extra trail will follow in the coming weeks. I need to verify the location of the bridleway first! (Jan 12th 07)

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