Trail submitted by James Kirby


A small fun ride with a few hills and lots of stones.


Starting from the Windermere direction of Ambleside: once you come into Ambleside where the first set of traffic lights are go LEFT, and follow that road for a bit and then where it comes straight go LEFT to the bridge, go over the bridge and keep following that road until you get to a sign which says "Hawkshead", follow that road for 1 1/4 miles until you get to a road which goes LEFT, no follow that road for 3/4 mile, until you get to Wray castle Church (marked by a big stone entrance), just after that (i.e. where there are some big stones) take that path (the start of the trail) down to the lake for 3 1/2 miles, which takes you to the END and to a road, with FERRY to the LEFT to go over the lake back to Windermere or take the RIGHT to Hawkshead.

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