Trail submitted by James Kirby

The start/end of this route is at the top of Beast Banks around the green. There should be places to park around here, if not then I am sure there will be spaces on the surrounding roads.

Kendal to Chapel Bridge:

The green on Beast Banks   Gamblesmire Lane bridleway entrance!The start of this section is on road. Starting on the green at Beast Banks, follow the top road up in the direction of Underbarrow and Crossthwaite. At the top of the row of houses on the right you will see Greenside Limekiln, the last surviving kiln of its type in the district. Continue on the road for a while, over the bridge (over the bypass) and then continue on a little further, just past two buildings the entrance for Gamblesmire Lane is signposted.

Now you are on one of the best trails near to Kendal, follow the track up and from the wall keep going to the next gate and signposts showing you the way. Through the gate, you can get some speed up for a downhill section, there is not much more up for a while. Follow this down, watch out there is a gate hiding along here so don't go too fast! Once through the gate, continue on down through a further two gates. At the 3rd gate you should see a signpost to tell you to keep going straight to the woods.

Follow the signpost into the woods  Gamblesmire Lane after the woodsContinue on through the woods, watch out for the stream crossings, once you come out from the woods it's a nice windy single track for a little way, until another gate at the end of this fun section! Through the gate turn right on the road for a little while, you will go over a cattle grid and along over the crest of a small hill, once on your way back down look for the thin trail in between the fork in the road. Whilst this should be ridable, it's recently had it's hedges cut, so it a bit muddy and punctures could be on the up just here! Keep going along this trail and once at a dark tunnel (of the hedge kind) turn right and follow the bridleway left, through the gate and then keep on the left bridleway straight on down to another gate. Through the gate follow the bridleway, cross over the ford, there is a bridge for anyone who does not want to get wet. Continue on up the trail, it gets a bit rough at the top, but it's only for a short while. Keep going on this trail, until you get to the T junction at the top.

At the top of the T junctionTurn left at the T junction and enjoy the fast decent, just watch out at the bottom as it gets very wet after it's been raining! After this bit there will be another junction, keep going straight on and down, past the house (Lindreth Brow) and though the woods, until the next gate.

Follow the snake of the trail down.Through the gate it will open up to a field. You want to look right and follow the snake down, past the pool of water and left and then to the next gate. Though the gate cross over the field to the other side and onto a nice thin bit of bridleway. Follow this down, watch the sides and a few little drops until you reach the road. Once at the road turn left and continue on to the church.

Chapel Bridge to Brigsteer (road section):

Once at the church at Chapel Bridge turn left onto the road and follow it around and up into Underbarrow, where you will be able to find pub stop one (The Punchbowl). From here turn right for a few meters and then turn left onto the road to Brigsteer. The bridleway entrance just past Brigsteer Follow this road for a while until you get to Brigsteer, keep on it up through Brigsteer and past pub stop two (The Wheatsheaf). Keep on going up the road for a while until you see the sign for the next bridleway on the right hand side. This is before the kink in the road.

Brigsteer to Briggs House Farm:

Once you get on the bridleway, make sure you take the left fork and stay on the track until you reach the gate, heading onto some grassland. Once you are on the grass, follow the track along and up, soon you should see a sign post in the ground, you can either go up to the road immediately or continue on pushing those pedals hard on the grassy track for a little longer. Once on the road you want to turn left (or if you went further on the grass, you want to double back on yourself) towards the church. Once you are at the church there is a The View view point where you can find out the names of all the hills around and admire the view. Once you have looked around, turn right just next to the church and follow the bridleway following the wall all of the way, though a few gates until you reach Briggs House Farm and the road.

Briggs House Farm back to Kendal:

Riding down to Briggs House FarmAt Briggs House Farm you need to turn left up the hill, you are now on road back in to Kendal. At the top of the hill turn right and keep going for a couple of kilometres, you will go back over the bypass and then down a nice fast section of road back to the green. You will approach the green from the bottom instead of where you left from which was the top. Have a careful ride back to home, to your car or where you are staying.

Photography from the route:

  • The green on Beast Banks
  • Gamblesmire Lane bridleway entrance!
  • Gamblesmire Lane
  • And disused Limekiln
  • View from the disused Limekiln
  • View from the disused Limekiln
  • Follow the signpost into the woods
  • Follow the signpost into the woods
  • Looking back on Gamblesmire Lane in the woods
  • Gamblesmire Lane in the woods
  • Gamblesmire Lane in the woods
  • Gamblesmire Lane after the woods
  • Gamblesmire Lane
  • It gets messy when it's been raining!
  • Some mud!
  • The ford crossing over the stream
  • Looking back before the ford
  • At the top of the T junction
  • At the top of the T junction pointing to Lindreth Brow
  • Nice sign!
  • Follow the snake of the trail down.
  • The Punchbowl in Underbarrow
  • The Wheatsheaf in Brigsteer
  • The bridleway entrance just past Brigsteer
  • The View
  • Signposted
  • Looking into the valley
  • Riding down to Briggs House Farm

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