Garburn Pass

Trail submitted by James Kirby


Very old rocky road, if you are a full on freerider or downhiller you'll love the downs. It is also cool if you do X-C i.e. climbing. There is also an unused quarry on the Troutbeck side which is worth a look around, if your mad, there is stuff for you there for more look at Garburn in the play section.


Start by riding on the A591 to Kendal, Half a mile down the road, take the first LEFT (over the top of the first hill). Go on for another 3/4 of a mile to a crossroads, crossover there, carry on and then take the next LEFT and then soon take the next RIGHT. That trail goes on for 1 3/4 miles, till you get to the QUARRY. The next bit is the hardest, loads of stones and steep bits, another mile to the top. Once at the top carry on over and then down into Kentmere 1 1/4 miles. From there follow the road to the church and then go RIGHT to a farm which is about 1/2 mile away. Follow the trail up for 3/4s of a mile and carry on past the bend which is another 1/4 of a mile. At this point there is an option (See below)

Option 1: take the RIGHT route: This route is very muddy, with lots of MUD HOLES beware!. If you take this route which goes over Mickle Moss it carries on for 1 1/4 miles, then go RIGHT and then find the next LEFT and follow it down to the farm, then go LEFT again, follow the road down to the next road, go RIGHT about 1/8 miles till you get to Mislet, go LEFT there. Once you have done that part you get to the A591 go RIGHT and then you will get back to Windermere. END.

Option 2: take the LEFT route: This route is for fun and if your tired, because it goes to a road. If you take this route it is 1 1/4 miles to the road, once you have got to the road, go RIGHT down to Stavely and then follow the signs back to Windermere, and your home.

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