Riding around GrizedaleOff-road (fireroad & singletrack)
Total Ascent: 360m (1185')
Nearest Town: Hawkshead
Start/Finish Point: Blind Lane Car Park (parking)
Map ref: 344913


Grizedale Forest mountain bike routes, firetrail fun!

  1. Start Point - Blind Lane car park(GR344913) near Force Mills. Turn right (west), towards Force Mills. Then turn right at t-junction (towards Satterthwaite). Then ride to a t-junction with forest road, this is Map of Grizedale Bogle Crag picnic site. Turn right here, going south at the t-junction, keeping right (on hairpin at valley head, effectively south) then swinging right(again), over spur to t-junction with singletrack bridleway off left (east).
  2. Go 75yds/70m, going south through tall gate, through two fords (on twisty singletrack then fire-road), turning left at the t-junction at 0.5m/0.8km, passing tall log sculpture (Cathedral of Unknown Desires). Then turning left onto a way-marked bridleway (at 0.6m/1km) down to the road (at 0.9m/1.5km). Turn right, then left on bridleway track (at 100yds/90m), swinging right (north east) in field (at 0.15m/0.25km) and going through gate into woods (at 0.2m/0.3km) on obvious single-track to the road at Devil's Gallop (at 0.8m/1.3km). Turn right at T-junction with bridleway at Hazleseat (at 1.4m/2.2km), turn right at path/track junction onto bridleway singletrack (at 2.25m/3.6km). Turn left on the road at Low Dale Park (at 3m/4.8km) and keep right at t-junctions, soon after to reach Blind Lane car park(GR344913). The end

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