The Crown Inn, High Newton

Trail submitted by Andy Slattery


Riding around Simpson GroundVaried route with a bit of everything from great views and twisty singletrack to fast downhill and spooky woods.


1. Follows unclassified road along Newton Fell:
Climb the unclassified tarmac road behind the pub to a junction at the top of the hill, keep left and continue until a further junction comes from the left. Go left through the gate and then bear right along a RUPP crossing a number of cattle grids which entertaining ramps on either side until you get to a collection of houses and buildings at Simpson Ground. 4.2km

2. Twisty singletrack through the forest and great downhill to shores of Windermere:
Go though the gate on the left of the house onto the green lane. Immediately turn left and follow the track across the field to the forest. Follow the bridleway through the forest along pleasant singletrack to the forest road. Turn left for approx 50m and then right onto the bridleway. The downhill gets progressively steeper becoming rocky and rutted through the forestry. Go straight across at the next forest road and steeply down between newly planted trees. A gate takes you out into open fields and a fast zig-zag down the grassy field brings you to a gate at the bottom. Go through the gate and down the track into the village of Staveley-in-Cartmel. 6.6km

3. Public roads and a stiff climb followed by technical singletrack:
Go left at the bottom of the lane and then right in the village centre. Follow public roads to roundabout on A590 at Newby Bridge. Take A590 towrads Barrow for 50m and turn left onto quiet tarmac road to Canny Hill. Follow this for 400m uphill until a bridleway leads off right. Follow the bridleway as it becomes steeper and more technical crossing a stream and passing a small lake. This climb is constantly interesting particularly when the bracken is high. At the summit of the climb be careful to stay on the bridleway which has some tricky sections but flows nicely until you emerge on the tarmac road at Brow Edge. 10km

4. Quiet lanes and a very spooky wood:
Turn left and climb along the road keeping left at the next two junctions and passing Bigland Hall on your right. Follow the road along for another mile until you get to a very sharp right hand junction underneath the electricity pylons. Go right here and then into the woods on the left along the bridleway. Follow this track through dark silent forestry until you emerge into the daylight again. Follow waymarks across grazing land keeping left after leaving the forestry until you hit tarmac at Over Ridge. 14.1km

5. Lanes and fields to Cartmel Racecourse:
Turn right along the lane to Speel Bank and then follow the bridleway left across fields to Burns Farm. After the farm take bridleway on right across fields to junction with green lane at Howbarrow. Continue along the lane keeping to the right of the obvious hill Mount Barnard and not to its left through the farm. Ignore the first track junction to the left and continue to tarmac road junction. Turn left and follow this until it becomes a dirt track leading into through the racecourse (avoid Bank Holidays !) and into Cartmel village. 21km

6. Tarmac road back to start:
From Cartmel village follow road to the North and signs to High Newton. (If you’ve still got energy in your legs turn right at Hampsfell Hall and follow the bridleway crossing the road and emerging near Head House for a last bit of off-road). 26km

This route can be cut short in a number of places to give a shorter ride;

  • From Over Ridge (section 5) turn left and follow lanes back to High Newton with an off-road section between Beck Side and Green Bank.
  • At Howbarrow with Mount Barnard in front of you turn left through the farm and onto the lanes.

This might all sound a bit complicated but once you ridden it once you know the route and you’ll want to go back.

Small Print: No author nor the editor shall bear any responsibility for any mishap, injury, death or other incident or inconvenience suffered whilst riding any of the routes described. Anybody following any such route does so entirely at their own risk. Anybody wishing to ride on footpaths or other non-permitted routes does so entirely by their own risk.